Marcedos - The Marketing Forum conducts regular meetings and share insights on various Branding and Marketing strategies.

Events conducted

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    Marketing Speaker Series
    Workshops for Skills and Career Development


Ethos (Operations Club)

The name ‘Ethos’ means ‘A set of ideas and attitudes that is associated with a particular group of people or a particular type of activity’.The objective of the operations club is to raise awareness, interest, and knowledge about Operations Management among the students within and beyond the classroom.“Ethos” was inaugurated by publishing the first issue of the operations newsletter on 26th March, 2010. This issue was published by Mr.SrikanthVellalSubrahmanya (Associate Director - ADMS, Capgemini Consulting Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore).In future, the club plans to conduct various activities such as Case Competitions, Quizzes, Industrial visits, Guest lectures, Panel discussion and Fun learning through Role plays & model formation. The club also plans to conduct an Operations meet in the near future to foster industry-academia interaction.


Anuva (HR Club)

Aspiring to reach the zenith in Human Resource Management, the Human Resource students of Amrita School of Business – Bangalore, decided to a have aLearningClub through which they can put theirInnovativeIdeas, Share our Knowledge, Leverage Industrial Relationships for our Growth and Prosperity.The club was named as ANUVA, a Russian word which means “A New Beginning”. The club was aimed at conducting discussions on various Business and Non – Business Related Issues, Rolling out the series of Activities/ Events, DevelopingCompetencies of its Members, Learning Team Work so as to understand Group Dynamics and more importantly to buildever lasting relationships with Industry people and Academia.

ANUVA was formally inaugurated by Prof. ShekarBabu, Associate Dean, Amrita School of Business – Bangalore and Dr.Vatsal Singh – Chief Mentor & Head of ANUVA Club on 12th April, 2010 during the HR Meet – 2010. On the day of inauguration, ANUVA successfully rolled out HR Meet – 2010 which included thePanel Discussions and Workshops conducted by Human Resource Veterans from the Industry.

The theme for the HR Meet was decided to be “The Changing Business Trends: Implications for Human Resource Development”as it was believed that the present business scenario is characterized by a shift from a world of predictable, incremental, and linear change to that of radical and discontinuous change which has global implications. The aim of this meet was to provide a platform for leaders from business and academia to deliberate on latest trends, challenges and best practices in HRD in the emerging knowledge economy.

There were two panels, each consisting of 4 Human Resource Veterans across Industries. The first panel consisted of Mr.Mahalingam (Executive Vice President & CPO, Symphony Services), Ms.Nina Nair (Vice President Human Resource Development, 24/7), Mr. Mohan P Rao (Vice President Human Resource, The Leela) and Mr.Augustine V D (Head – Human Resource, Bosch). The panel discussed about the “The Emerging New Normal- Implications for Organizations” a term coined by Mckinsey. The panel highlighted the possible dimensions of the new normal as it begins to unfold.

The second panel consisted of Mr.Kalyan K Banerjee (Senior Vice President, Mind Tree), Mr.Krishna Bhagavan (Director Human Resource, Motorola), Mr. Elango R (Chief Human resource officer, MphasiS) and Prof. Ram Ramesh (University at Buffalo, New York). This panel discussed about “Attracting, Developing & Engaging the 21st Century Workforce” which is a currenttopic in today’s corporate. The panel focused on the modern method of talent management and also illuminated and illustrated the different paradigms of HR 2.0!

In the second half of the day, Workshops were organized by the Industrial experts to provide a comprehensive forum on topics that may not be fully explored during the main panel discussion.

Humanity and Peace as the key values of ANUVA and the core principles of our Chancellor – AMMA, we recognized the importance to take part in the Social Causes. As a club’s activity, the students of Amrita School of Business visited an Orphanage “AnathaShishuSevashram”, Wilson Gardens, Bangalore and conducted a painting competition for the God’s Children. Through this activity, ANUVA did a Monetary and a Non – Monetary Contribution to the Ashram.

Finally, ANUVA assures that it will continue to grow and expand till Thirst for Knowledge and Passion to serve the community exists.