Every morning breeze at Amrita brings a new message and reminds us of flora and fauna that Mother Nature has showered on humanity. The silent and unruffled beauty of nature reminds us of the nourishment of the body; a healthy and hygienic diet remains in the memory of each and every Amritian, even after years. The morning prayer at Amrita purifies the mind and strengthens the body to go through yet another hectic day of a rigorous MBA program. Welcome to the world of an Amrita student.

Science claims that the human brain is at its highest level of activity at the beginning of the day. This is the ideal time to go on a voyage for knowledge. Interactive classrooms sessions, presentations, group discussions, role plays and case analyses coupled with innovative ways of learning adopted by Amrita faculty moulds us not only into managers of tomorrow, but also into enriched human beings. We seek their wisdom beyond the classroom walls, where they take on the roles of friend, philosopher, guide and foster parent for two years and beyond. Our faculty grooms us in all aspects of life.

A holistic personality development strategy is adopted by Amrita. Theoretical knowledge does not address implementation. To make us aware of the practical application, a number of industrial exposure windows are opened in the form of colloquia, workshops, industrial visits, guest lectures and summer internship projects. The stress is as much on non-academics as academics. Students integrate into their personalities qualities like leadership, team building and cooperation through various co-curricular activities conducted on a regular basis in the campus. Adventure beckons us on a trekking expedition by the faculty. On one hand, indoor and outdoor sports facilities help with physical fitness; on the other hand, yoga, meditation and open discussion sessions help with self awareness and personal growth.

Campus life is at its best during festival celebrations. The energy vibrating in the air at such times is incomparable. The two most cherished festivals by the student community are Utsav and Pragati. Utsav is a gateway for student creativity via sports and cultural extravaganza. Pragati is a time when each Amritian personifies the ancient Indian saying, "Athithi Devo Bhava". This B-Fest hosted by Amrita School of Business year after year has been a benchmark in hospitality for student guests from other B-Schools.

At Amrita, we stand for "Unity in Diversity". Every batch comprises of students from all over India. Our diverse backgrounds, languages, regions and religions promote the development of positive interpersonal relationships. The institute gives opportunity to students to go abroad and experience various cultures in the world. To reciprocate this interaction, a few students from other countries can be spotted in Amrita classrooms as a part of student exchange programs. At Amrita, every student is truly empowered by global knowledge and enriched by Indian values.

Life at Amrita is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Are you game for it???