Shankar Ramachandran

Life after the MBA is not necessarily just work, work, and more work. Some have made the resolve and taken the time out to find a healthier work-life balance. Shankar Ramachandran (MBA 2003-2005) found his 'beyond office hours' calling in theater. An enthusiastic member of Chennai based theatre group "Evam" Shankar found himself in Mumbai recently, interacting with the likes of Naina Lal Kidwai and John Kotter - all because of a play he was part of Who says play doesn't pay!More»


An Electronic engineer from Madras University, Chennai, Sandeep got together with some of his friends to launch an NGO- BLITZ which works with disadvantaged children in Chennai. Sandeep shares with us his vision, his aspirations and optimism that drives him on...More»

Davison Thingbaijam

My childhood days are not extraordinary or nothing inspiring. They were as ordinary as anyone's. The only difference that it may make to the readers could be that I grew up in one of the easternmost part of India, Manipur. As said and as everyone knows India is a land of diversity and the more apart two places are the more diverse they are...More»

S Vidyhashankar

They have been with me from childhood. They brought me appreciation. They brought smiles to my lips as others used to come and enquire to me about them. People were very curious to know how, where and when I found them. They had lifted my spirits when I was down. They gave me company when I felt alone. They have been the best of friends...More»

Shijith P M

Theres been a strange sighting at ASB recently. Multiple students walking around with a copy of 'The Goal' by Eliyahu Goldratt. Your intrepid web team investigated and discovered the root of it all - Shijith P M, 2nd year MBA student and self styled acolyte of the Theory of Constraints or TOC . In this spotlight, Shijith takes us along for a brief sojourn into the vast world ofthe Theory of Constraints...More»

Vibin Varghese Kurakar

It was quite an exasperating journey from the warm, breezy and humid Kerala to a drastically different agro-climatic zone of Andhra Pradesh and one couldn't resist noticing this cultural, economic and agricultural divergence. From lush green, undulating topography to a relatively plain mass of land; from a place of suburban sociocultural setting to a place where rural-urban divide was more than noticeable. Andhra Pradesh provided me with a new experience. The one I will caress in my memory throughout my life...More»

Pallavi Joshi

My summers in Dholpur were in short a series of first experiences- of working with an NGO, of milk dairies, of poverty, of a typical village life, of child marriages, of women empowerment. The villagers of Dholpur have given the phrase 'live for today' a whole new meaning... More»

Jose Brinner

An opportunity to do my summer project in a small town in Rajasthan was something that I did not want to lose. The sheer novelty of the whole experience that I was expecting from the project was what attracted me. "These coming weeks will teach you something that no management books or corporate career can teach you." Those words of Mr. Shouvik Mitra, the team leader at Pradan, Dholpur were echoing in my mind...More»

Anish Philip

A cool breeze blew on my face as I alighted at the Ettimadai bus stop. A tea at the bakery, an auto ride down the winding road that always took me one step closer to those mountains curtained behind that misty blanket at dawn, the railway cross that magically remained closed whenever there was an urgency (Murphy indeed created a wonderful law), and last but not the least, the security gate that was always prepared. . More»

2005 Spotlight

Dhanalakshmi G

We wanted to bring our less privileged children to the mainstream by empowering them with value-based man making education and provide them a cherishable childhood in a home of love, care and discipline. It was like homecoming when Shobhana mam asked us if any are willing to take part in the village outreach program here in Ettimadai village...More»

Madhuvanti C

I had a good time at home looking after the flock of sheep and enjoying nature. But my engineering degree stirred me to do something. After a lot of debate, I somehow succeeded in convincing my parents. My experience while preparing for CAT was very unique. I remember solving my quantitative papers under the shade of a huge mango tree while simultaneously keeping a watchful eye on the sheep...More»

Sourabh Tolasaria

One of my favorite parts of the day was the general assembly were we all sang from the chant book containing songs of Kabir Das to ancient Sanskrit slokas. The assembly was conducted in an open-air environment wherein the echo of 100 odd voices coupled with the wind brushing against your face made a wonderful start for the day ahead...More»


Life to me is an experimental ground where we are given innumerable chances to explore our being and explode within. Amrita truly provides an opportunity for this. My friends, teachers, Nature, academic curriculum and wonderful experiences here have definitely molded me into being a better individual. My motto is to "live life with Character, Commitment, Courage & Passion".More»


I was always curious to know about the life of people who are neglected by their family members. It is this curiosity that made me visit Cheshire homes, which is an organization that supports handicapped people...More»


Aspiration for me is not a romantic or an utopian notion. An urge to strive for perfection, to develop a personality of my own, in other words self - actualization remained latent in me from my young days Temperament and intellect being the two determinant factors, academic excellence alone would not lead me to realize my aspiration...More»


If someone had asked me to describe my life as young alumna, I would say it was fast. From the graduating batch of 2005 specializing in Information Systems, ABS equipped me to unleash tremendous creative energy in the field of technology and business management. ing...More»