Yi net @ ASB



An initiative of CII, Yi attempts to influence, inspire and connect the youth in a movement to build Brand India- by means of conducting socially productive projects. Yi Net of ASB Coimbatore came into being in December 2008.

Since its inception, it has been a great platform for MBA students to hone their abilities and skills in organizing and managing several activities like business conferences, skill development initiatives and social events. Awaaz - the Clarion Call for Change is an annual event which is a national level symposium organized by Yi Net at ASB.






ASB is home to a plethora of clubs and committees. While some of these clubs are focused on specific functional streams, others organize special events like screening documentaries and movies. In addition to these clubs, we have a Students' Life Committee, a B-Fest Committee, a Colloquium committee, a Web Committee and a Placement Committee to manage a surfeit of activities at ASB. These clubs and committees act as a principal edge between the outside world and "Planet Ettimadai".

Placecom: All ASB Campuses have Placement Committees - which take care of students’ summer and final placements and Alumni Committees which interact with alumni of ASB and keep them informed about the latest developments in the ASB fraternity. The alumni act as ‘mentors’ for the current batch of students and guide them through their career formation process.

Festcom: Republic Day, Independence Day and other festivals such as Holi, Diwali, Dussera, Onam and Gokulashtami- every festival is celebrated on campus in style. Students and faculty share lighter moments and work together in creating a truly festive atmosphere on these occasions. The festival committee makes these wonderful celebrations possible.

Team Colloquia: Working tirelessly throughout the year, this is the student led team that is the “window to the external world” for ASB students. Its principal activity is to bring eminent personalities from business, civil society, and the academia to the ASB campuses. It is an immense learning experience in planning, business communication, logistics and service management, and building enduring relationships.

Admission Committee/ Web Committee: At ASB all the activities are driven by the students, ably guided by the faculty. Students are involved in the admissions process right from the creation of admission brochure till the candidates being admitted to ASB. It is a practical hands-on approach to counsel / guide aspiring candidates on the efforts required to be part of the B-school. They also interact on social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc. for the same.






Technocrats - A systems forum which enables students to acquaint themselves with the latest developments in information technology.

Gen-M - A marketing club that organizes role-playing exercises, quizzes, poster competitions, advertising simulations that supplement real-life marketing experiences.

Fortune - Finance Forum of ASB providing opportunities to obtain insights into the latest developments in the areas of finance and banking.

O-Zone - Operations and Relations Club of ASB which organizes field trips, colloquia, quizzes, and games.

Jagriti - An association for self awareness and personal growth which conducts spiritual discourses, lectures and workshops presented by eminent persons and also trips to places of cultural and historical importance.

Relations - HR forum that aims to help students by giving them the edge, helping them know themselves and their competencies better through thought-provoking and fun-filled games that evoke curiosity, stimulate the mind and kindle their passion to achieve their goals.

Saturday Nite Fever is a weekly program conducted by students that encompasses activities such as quizzes, group discussions, mock interviews, and aptitude tests to develop soft skills.