“PRAGATI”. Means Growth? Development? Is that it? Ask an ASBian and you will get much more.

"Pragati means Pride. Pragati means honour".
"Pragati means Life. Pragati gives you sleepless nights and it even makes me rhyme. Pragati is about intellectual fights."
"Pragati is about you and me. Pragati defines your dignity."

Pragati is the Annual Business fest of Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore.

The morning of February 3rd, 2012 was lucky to see ASBians gear up for the most important action of their two year curriculum. The enthusiasm was palpable and the whole campus was brimming with vibrancy. It was our responsibility to keep the reputation of Pragati high; of not letting our guest’s expectation down and crafting a funfilled and yet learning experience for both the organizers and the participants. The grand success of the event was the cue that we were able to match up to everyone’s expectations.

The theme for the 14th year of the event was ‘Black Swan’ – Unseen Opportunities in Uncertainties. Abiding by the theme, the forums designed their games. It took countless brainstorming sessions on part of the forum members to put the elements on track for the right blend of jaw-dropping games. Altogether, there were six forums, handling six different fields of management: Relations for HR, Ozone for Operations, GenM for Marketing, Biz-It for Systems, Jagriti for fun and Fortune for Finance. The fest was a two day affair, but the premise and foundation work for the same took around three months of tireless preparations on part of each and every ASBian. We still remember the sleepless nights and round-trips that we made across the campus to put up the promotions.

We vividly remember how pumped up we all were when we ushered in our first participant. The next few hours saw the whole campus being filled with more than 350 excited participants from more than 27 colleges across the country. We had our attacks ready, not literally though, but through our exciting games. Be it Operations games that tested the optimizing abilities; the HR games that analyzed the thought process; the Finance games that tested the monetary acumen; Marketing games that evaluated adaptability; or the Systems games that checked IT skills. As the games heated up, Jagriti added much the needed zest to the fest. Towards the evening, one of the participating teams told us “We are planning to conduct a B-fest next month in our college and Pragati will be our benchmark”. It was this moment that made all the hours of work that we had put in worthwhile.

As we bid goodbye, we knew we had made some friends for life. A team from SDMIMD, the overall champion of the event, left us with this remark, “What an awesome team of people we met at ASB!. You guys were absolutely superb in the way you did things and the way you made us participants feel. There were moments of fun, frolic, fear and sheer joy! Met a set of beautiful and loving people. Will always cherish the memories! Hope our paths cross soon”.

Later, all of us went down on the dance floor as the seniors hosted a DJ party that night. All the faculties, staffs and even our Dean joined us in the celebrations.

As the event came to a close, the one word that defined what we all felt was contentment. The work we put in was tremendous and the learning we had was immense. After a few years down the line, we all are pretty sure to have that awesome smile on our face whenever we think of this fantabulous and life-changing experience called ‘Pragati’.