Amrita has always had campuses which are closest to nature. A lot is done to conserve Mother Nature like rain water harvesting, EM based effluent/food waste treatment, drip-irrigation and afforestation programs. ASB Coimbatore’s Nature Club adds fuel to this endeavour and organizes trekking and tree planting events to get closer to Mother Nature.



Ettimadai campus is wholly self-sufficient in being eco-friendly and entirely recyclable - It's a tribute to Nature itself. Love and care towards nature is the tradition here at Amrita. This is part of our culture and is part of who we are. We deem it is our duty to give back to Nature what we have been taking from it. And the Nature club is a small part of our efforts to do that.


MARKETREX – Celebrating Marketing


The true potential of any MBA is highlighted only in the “do as you learn” approach. This sums up the whole idea behind MARKETREX, the marketing club at ASB (Coimbatore). It is a congregation of creative minds that blend energy, passion and enthusiasm in the pursuit of marketing and related areas. For MARKETREX members, Marketing is a religion whose mantra is to bring the current student community, the faculty, alumni and other colleges marketing minds to a common platform to interact and to share.