Bringing out the passion in you....

utsav 2012

The intra-ASB counterpart to Pragati is Utsav,a sports and cultural extravaganza. Fiercely competed for and passionately participated in, Utsav is a living exhibition of determination and the winning instinct without deferring from the path of healthy sportsmanship.

Soon after the mid-trimester exams of the first year, to shake you up from the slumber that you may have fallen into, ASB presents this two week fiesta. This is when the fences that set apart the seniors and juniors fall. Students are split into four groups which compete against one another in arts, sports and literature. The best part of Utsav is that everyone gets a chance to explore their hidden talents. A few of the students go on stage for the first time in their lives and have never felt better. The best lesson learnt is that “There is Nothing You Cannot Do!!!’. There was dancing, singing, painting, story writing, indoor and outdoor sports and many more activities to bring out their passion. Utsav is not about talent alone but also courage.

The best part which leaves behind the sweetest memories is the backstage ‘hungama’ during UTSAV. The droopy eyed late night dance practices, the group music trials that never strike the right note, the tableau practices where it becomes too difficult to stand still, the mid-night flood-lighted football warm-ups, the face painting trials, the chaos and confusion when your team is not ready and the last minute preparations for the quiz. All said and done, it is the team spirit and the confidence, that Utsav leaves behind, matters.

When the curtains are drawn down, it is sense of achievement and joyful memories, which lasts for a lifetime through these chaos, confusion, fun, and practices amidst our regular classes.