Devi Soumyaja Dr. Devi Soumyaja

Faculty Associate

Ph D (Organizational behaviour, IIT Madras), M.Sc HRD Psychology (University of Madras), B.Sc Psychology (Calicut University)

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Four years of teaching and research experience. Presented papers at Conferences and Doctoral Colloquiums and Published papers in international journals.


Organizational Behaviour, Behavioural Statistics, Organizational Change Management and Organizational Development .


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  2. Soumyaja, D., T.J.Kamalanabhan and S.Bhattacharyya, (2011).Employee commitment to organizational change: Test of the three component model in Indian context. Journal of Transnational Management, Accepted in press.
  3. Soumyaja, D., T.J.Kamalanabhan and S.Bhattacharyya, (2011). Development of a Situational Judgement Inventory for measuring Practical Intelligence. Indore Management Journal, Vol.2 (3), 8-28.
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