About Ph.D

In an era where knowledge creation and applied research is being acknowledged as the primary basis for the development and growth of society, Amrita School of Business(ASB) is aiming itself in the same direction, acknowledging the value of it.

ASB is one of the few B-Schools in the country where a Doctoral Program in Management is offered. The Doctoral Program was started by ASB with a view to encouraging the aspiring scholars to take up research in the country. Having a pool of faculty who have their Doctorate from globally known Institutions and Universities and continuously engaged in research has put ASB in an advantageous position to initiate the PhD Program. The first batch of the Doctoral Program was commenced in 2009.

Amrita School of Business is currently offering part time PhD program. The normal period of completion for a full-time Doctoral student is maximum 6 years. In the case of part-time Doctoral students, the maximum period allowed to complete the program is 7 years.

The prospective students of part time PhD program come from various walks of life including Colleges, Universities, R&D Centers and Corporates & Business Houses.


The major areas of specialization include:

    1. Finance
    2. Marketing
    3. Operations
    4. Organization Behavior and Human Resources
    5. Information Technology and Management Strategy
    6. Economics

Curriculum/Course Work Structure

    a) The selected scholars have to undergo 2years of course work in four phases with an interval of 5 months. Some scholars may have to take one year additional course work prior to this if they do not come from specific domains Business Studies.

    b) Each phase of course work would be for 30 days, usually in the months of January and June.

    c) In each semester there are 3 papers.

    d) The scholars have to successfully complete their 12 papers in the course work and pass the Comprehensive Qualifying Examination (CQE) before defending their research proposal.

    e) 12 papers = 3 Research Methodology papers + 1 General Management Strategy paper + 5 Major area papers + 3 related area papers.

    f) In addition to 12 papers scholars have to work on 2 research papers along with a mentor and submit those as ASB working papers.

Standard Course Outline

A Doctoral Seminar in Innovation 2011

Advance Quantitative Methods - Course Outline

An Advanced Seminar in Consumer Behavior Research 2012

Applied Econometric Methods – II

Behavioural Economics II

Course on Qualitative Methods and Techniques in Social Science Research

Doctoral Seminar Outline HRM

DOE Outline

IFM PhD Course Outline 2011

NIE - Course Outline- Dr. Amalendu Jyotishi and Dr. Sushanta Mahapatra

PhD Seminar in Marketing ASB Course Outline Winter 2011

Research Methodology Course Outline


Sustainability and Greening_PhD Course outline_2012-13_ASB_Amrita University

Theories of Personality Course Outline